Welcome to the 7th International Conference on Ethics Education

The 7th International Conference on Ethics Education, in 2019, will be hosted by The Nursing School of Porto (ESEP), Portugal.

The core focus of the International Association for Education in Ethics Conference, Rediscovering the world: exploring ethics education towards a global bioethics, is to highlight a parallel between the discovery of the world and the search for new perspectives towards an ethics education that meets a global bioethics.

With 840 years of history as a nation, Portugal conquers its independence on October 5th 1143 and becomes a sovereign kingdom. Between XV and XVI Portugal led one of the most remarkable history events and achievements known as the Discoveries, a set of conquests through maritime expeditions and explorations that began with the conquest of Ceuta in Africa.

The “Age of Discovery” was an important breakthrough to significant achievements in geographic, mathematical, scientific knowledge and naval technology, enabling the development of the first ships to safely sail the Atlantic Ocean. Between the fifteenth and the seventeenth centuries Portugal had already discovered Brazil, the sea route to India and completed the first circumnavigation of the globe.

Portugal gave a major contribution to reshape the world’s map by setting new alternatives to the Mediterranean trade routes.

The Nursing School of Porto, on its behalf and on behalf of the IAEE would like to welcome all participants in this Conference, wishing that this event contributes to redesign new world paths towards an ethics education.

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